Mexico Auto Industry Summit

Event Information

Mexico´s Processed Food

  • The summit's main objectives are to attract foreign investment in the Processed Food sector to Mexico and to promote exports of Mexico producers through business meetings with foreign buyers. The event is a unique opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and suppliers to meet and identify new business partners.
  • Did you know...?
  • Mexico’s Processed Food production reached over US$141 Billion in 2015 and it is expected to reach US$179 Billion by 2020.
  • With a population of 123 million, Mexicans consumed about US$155 Billion worth of processed food products.
  • Mexico’s market of processed foods will reach US$170 Billion by 2020 with a projected per capita consumption of US$1,350.
  • Mexico’s exports of processed foodstuff in 2015 surpassed US$8 Billion (over 70% of these goods went to the U.S.) while imports were US$10.5 Billion.
  • Foreign Direct Investment in this industry exceeded US$20 Billion for the period of 2006-2015. The Netherlands, The U.S., France, Canada and Switzerland led the inflows.

B2B Meetings

  • Mexico's Processed Food industry is growing significantly and it needs to expand its production and supply chain.
  • This event will match potential buyers and suppliers in pre-arranged, one-to-one, private meetings. The program will allow participants to identify and meet new potential business partners.


  • Industry experts and manufacturers with operations in Mexico will make presentations to help newcomers and experienced executives shape their business, trade and manufacturing strategies in the processed food industry of Mexico.
  • You will learn from industry leaders about the fascinating growth and the opportunities to participate in the Processed Food Industry booming value chain in Mexico.

Summit Cost

USD $60 + TAX / MXN $1,000 + TAX
BASIC ACCESS: per person (Includes access to conference sessions, and exhibition floor. Does not include B2B meetings nor lunch)

USD $200 + TAX / MXN $3,500 + TAX
COMPLETE ACCESS: per person (Includes access to conference sessions, exhibition floor, lunch and B2B meetings)

Fee doesn't include hotel, air transportation

Others - Consultants, Lawyers, 3PL, Accountants, HR, Real Estate Brokerage, Industrial Developers, Government and Promotional Agencies, Shelter Service Providers, Competitors of Sponsors, etc. are welcome at a fee of USD $1,500 per person under a limited participation basis -no B2B Meetings access, among other restrictions-. Please contact our office for details.


Av. Conscripto 311
Col. Lomas de Sotelo
Mexico City, D.F., México, 11200
+52 (55) 5268-2000

For Conference Phone Registration

USA : 1 877 864 8528
Mexico : 01 800 170 1010
+52 (614) 414-8640
+52 (614) 414-8638

(915) 603-3101, (915) 449-5404

Conference Speakers

José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa
Welcome Remarks
José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa
Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA)
Sergio Zardoni
Beyond Frontiers: Dealing with the Internationalization of the Company
Sergio Zardoni
Grupo Herdez
Director of Strategic Planning and Legal Affairs
Jose L. Hidalgo
Improving Competitiveness through Supplier Development
Jose L. Hidalgo
Purchasing Manager for LATAM and Corporate Director of SRM
Raul Urteaga
Opportunities in Global Markets
Raul Urteaga
General Coordinator for International Affairs
Humberto Mayorga
Vertical Integration in Agribusiness as Business Growth Strategy
Humberto Mayorga
General Director, International Finance Division
Joel Muñiz
Is It Mexico’s Moment? Preparing for the Inevitable Consumer Boom
Joel Muñiz
The Boston Consulting Group
Partner & Managing Director, Mexico City
Edgar Moran
Lessons Learned from Mistakes
Edgar Moran
Kellogg Company
Plant Manager
Hank Moore
The High Cost of Doing Nothing
Hank Moore

Futurist, Corporate Strategist
Christopher Shanahan
A Vision of the Future for Enhanced Health & Nutrition and Implications for Mexican-based Companies and Subsidiaries
Christopher Shanahan
Frost & Sullivan
Global Program Manager
Francis Pérez Arróniz
Shared Value: A Vision Becomes Reality. How Nestle Boosts Rural Development in Mexico
Francis Pérez Arróniz
Shared Value Creation and Sustainability Director
Erasmo Salazar
Understanding FSMA Impacts and Food Safety System Compliance
Erasmo Salazar
LRQA – Lloyd’s Register
Food Safety Technical Manager, Americas
Moshe Rosenberg
Food Fraud in the Modern Globalized Marketplace and Ways to Fight It
Moshe Rosenberg
University of California
Professor and Specialist
Jaime Noguez
E-Commerce Perspectives in Food
Jaime Noguez
Nielsen Mexico
Retail Services Account Director
Héctor  Alvarez de la Cadena
METCO, Successful Operations in Mexico Case Study
Héctor Alvarez de la Cadena
Founder and President
Steven Weier
The Use of Extrusion Technology to Drive Innovation and Sustainability in Food and Feed
Steven Weier
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
General Pilot Plant Manager, Food Processing Center
Rodrigo Martinez
Food Safety as a Business Opportunity
Rodrigo Martinez
Grupo Rosmar
George A. Cavender
High Pressure Processing: The right technology for higher quality, safer products with enhanced shelf-lives
George A. Cavender
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Reserch processing technologies
Jose A. Peral
Mexico's Processed Food Industry Investment Opportunities
Jose A. Peral
Executive Director of Export Projects
Carlos Pérez Chavolla
Cooperativa Pascual and its Strategic Alliances: A Great Challenge
Carlos Pérez Chavolla
Cooperativa Pascual
Senior Buyer
Juan Barrio
Vision and Business Opportunities for the Export Sector
Juan Barrio
Mexico Calidad Suprema
Vice President of Institutional Liaison
Eduardo Reyes Díaz-Leal
Customs Facilitation to Boost your Export
Eduardo Reyes Díaz-Leal
Bufete Internacional
Maribel Quiroga Fernández
Mexico's Beer Industry Overview
Maribel Quiroga Fernández
Mexico's Beer Producers
General Director
Manuel José Molano Ruiz
Improving the Quality of Assets to Invest in the Primary Sector
Manuel José Molano Ruiz
Mexican Competitiveness Institute (IMCO)
Assistant General Director
Luis Fernandez
Novamex Strategic Alliances for Success
Luis Fernandez
Roberto Tavera
Sharing our Seasoning
Roberto Tavera
Productos Chata
Marketing Director
Sergio Luis Ornelas Ramírez
Globalization and the Processed Food Industry in Mexico
Sergio Luis Ornelas Ramírez
Salomón Noble
Manufacturing costs in Mexico
Salomón Noble
Intermex Industrial Parks
Alejandro Vázquez
Subsidies for the Processed Food Producers
Alejandro Vázquez
Chief Director
Javier A. Fernández-Salvador
Organic Food: Market and Constraints
Javier A. Fernández-Salvador
Oregon State University
Organic Food Specialist

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